Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Christian Heritage

The kiddos and I went to my family reunion today. We all had a great time, and as always, the food was incredible! I have been blessed to come from a Christian family. The kind that is full of prayer warrior, piano playing, hymn singing women. And I love it. And I love that my kids love it. It makes me wonder where I would be in life if I had not had these women praying for me, and teaching me about Christ.

And for the kid comment of the day: We were sitting at the table with my parents, and Purple says, "Mom, you have to let me eat whatever I want, because these women CAN cook!" Then Pink looks at me with that sarcastic little face and says, "It must have skipped a generation!" Really? So not funny. I threatened to make her walk home, but I softened up!